“Open Every Door”

A concentration of facilities, activities and assets in walking distance downtown that offer a center of cultural, artistic and economic activity.

Downtown Amherst is

music Art Spoken Word DancePoetryFilmCollaborationCommunity


Approved Minutes from Steering Committee Meetings:

Minutes from 10/4

Minutes from 10/14

Sarah la Cour – President
Eric Broudy – Vice President
Jane Wald – Treasurer
George Myers – Secretary

Our Steering Committee includes representatives from:
Amherst BID
Amherst Art Walk/Arts Night Plus
Amherst Cinema
Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce
Amherst Historical Society
The Emily Dickinson Museum
Jones Library
Amherst Public Art Commission
Mead Art Museum, Amherst College
External Affairs, University of Massachusetts
Economic Development Officer, Town of Amherst