Our office is located in the Visitors Information Center at 35 South Pleasant Street, Amherst MA

Regular office hours are Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm and we try to staff the weekends on Saturday and Sunday.

At our office, you’ll find information, maps, fliers, and real people!  We participate as a gallery space for the monthly Arts Night Plus, the first Thursday of the month from 5 – 8 pm.

Please email ann@amherstdowntown.com if you are interested in showing art.


 Rosann Helden - our May artist!

Rosann Helden - our May artist!

Our May artist is Rosanne Helden. Her beautiful oil painting of landscapes and seascapes are available for sale, as are prints.

June Artists from The Care Center in Holyoke

Dan Battat

Art Teacher

The CARE Center

CARE Center Artist Statement

The CARE Center is a non-profit HISET preparatory program for young mothers aged 16-21. Committed to the notion that all students should be exposed to high level academics, art and sports, the CARE Center places visual arts and poetry at the heart of its curriculum. Students experiment in fine art activities including drawing, painting, ceramics, glass, analog photography and much more.

For our show at the Amherst Visitors Information Center, students were asked to paint images of nature. Celebrating the change of seasons here in the Valley and documenting our field trips to locations such as the Mt. Tom and the Smith Botanical Gardens led to photographs which inspired the paintings.

Leideysha Delgado’s painting of a shrubbery demonstrates an attention to color and line that is remarkable. Though the image was inspired by a photograph taken by another student, Delgado’s brushwork transforms the ordinary into the abstract, elevating the beauty and transforming a regular object into a world of pattern and color.  

Not all students worked from found or captured images. In fact, many students simply outpoured their own personal memories directly onto the canvas. Jelicha Diaz’s “Sorry Not Sorry,” represents a departure into the world of symbolism, and also marks a milestone in her own abilities as an artist. The prison bar-like background creates an ominous setting for the bright rose. The viewer may feel a sense of beauty, as well as a sense of tension or struggle. Aptly titled, this work captures a feeling that is common here at the CARE Center.

The difficulty of raising a child at a young age can overwhelm, but it is also matched with a sense of accomplishment, responsibility and fulfillment of life. We see these young women tackle life’s toughest challenges with tenacity, fierceness and love. We celebrate this dichotomy, and cherish these young women as future leaders of the world.


July –  Susan Tilton Recora
September – Alexander Haim
November – Sara Grillo
December – Sally Sonen Kealy