In June 2018, world-renowned artists Haider Ali and Ali Salman Anchan painted the trolley in the style of Pakistani “truck art” – a form of art that is an expression of pride by truck and bus owners in Pakistan. All of the painting is free-hand. All of it is original and was conceived as it was painted. You will see some familiar Amherst sights depicted on the trolley like UMass, local animals, as well as countryside scenes. Pakistan images include the partridge (the national bird of Pakistan), a peacock, mountains and flowers. Haider Ali and Ali Salman Anchan are two members of the Pakistan artist group, “Phool Patti” (pool pah-Tee). Based in Karachi, Phool Patti is a creative entrepreneur project that spreads peace, love and culture from Pakistan to the world. In over 30 years of truck art, the Phool Patti team has painted over 200,000 trucks, buses, and oil tankers. Their work has been displayed in over 40 countries.

“Two things unite the diverse country of Pakistan. First, our national language of Urdu and second, truck art”, says Ali Salman Anchan, Phool Patti founder. “Truck art colors spread love and peace,” says Haider Ali, Phool Patti’s Lead Artist.

Language on the bumpers: These are expressions written on the trolley in the Pakistani language of Urdu. The expressions are humorous messages in the style of romantic poetry and are directed to other drivers who encounter the trolley.

Front bumper: “What kind of relationship do we have? You are either too close or too far away.”

Rear bumper: “Don’t get too close, otherwise you may fall in love!” and “Don’t bother me, you rascal!”

This is the first trolley they have painted in the U.S.

Their visit was made possible by the UMASS Donahue Institute.