Our office is located in the Visitors Information Center at 35 South Pleasant Street, Amherst MA

Regular office hours are Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm and we try to staff the weekends as regularly as possible.

At our office, you’ll find information, maps, fliers, and real people!  We participate as a gallery space for the monthly Arts Night Plus, the first Thursday of the month from 5 – 8 pm.

Please email ann@amherstdowntown.com if you are interested in showing art.

February Artist – Amy Shumway

Visual Alchemy
Amy Shumway
Opening Reception: February 7th, 5-8pm
Artist Statement: Primarily, most of my art is created almost entirely from ‘scratch.’ I grow most of my florals from seed in my backyard garden and wait patiently for the blooms to mature. A basic camera + natural sunlight + online digital art tools = an original photo of my flowers transformed into art. The final results often resemble an oil or watercolor painting. I also photograph natural landscapes, scenes and storefronts of Amherst MA, nature, cats, horses and any other creatures along the way that would like to smile or pose for the camera.

March Artist – Lorna Ritz

Small Oil Paintings: Color Creates Composition
Lorna Ritz
Opening Reception: March 7th, 5-8pm
Artist Statement: These are small abstract expressionist-impressionist oil paintings inspired by landscape, grabbing the light that emanates from seasonal color combinations. How does color define a particular place through the act of painting itself? The viewer is invited to enter through the architectural construction of the paintings, and be moved by it. It is always color the finds the shape, creates the structured composition. Visit www.lornaritz.com for more.